Sachsen in Vancouver
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"Saxony's long and very successful tradition in winter sports calls for an adequate representation at the Winter Olympics. I fondly remember the friendly atmosphere at the Saxony House in Turin. Canadians are just as enthusiastic about winter sports and are very open-minded about Europeans. This is why the Winter Games in Vancouver provide the perfect setting to effectively represent each of Saxony's facets. Get excited by the warm-hearted, innovative and athletic spirit which the region is famous for and pass it on to fans and athletes from all over the world."

Katarina Witt, two-time Olympic ice skating champion

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Saxon athletes

For the last four years the athletes have been working towards this goal: to participate in the Olympic Games, to beat records and represent their home country. The Saxon athletes with their sporting ambition and their achievements are fabulous ambassadors for a cosmopolitan Saxony. On the following pages you will find information on the backgrounds of the athletes.

Saxon athletes who participate in the XXI. Olympic Games

Effective January 25, 2010

Athletes Olympic sport
Aljona Savchenko Figure skating
Robin Szolkowy Figure skating
Nico Ihle Ice speed skating
Marco Weber* Ice speed skating
Tatjana Hüfner Luge
Anke Wischnewski Luge
Torsten Wustlich Luge
Aika Klein* Short Track
Tyson Heung Short Track
Paul Herrmann Short Track
Robert Seifert Short Track
Robert Becker Short Track
Sebastian Praus* Short Track
Isabella Laböck SNB
Eric Frenzel NK
Björn Kicheisen NK
Cathleen Martini BOB
Romy Logsch BOB
Thomas Florschütz BOB
Ronny Listner BOB
Andreas Barucha BOB
René Sommertfeldt SLL
Claudia Nystad SLL
Tom Reichelt SLL
Tina Bachmann BIA

22 athletes start for a saxon sports club. * 3 athletes live in Saxony.
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