Sachsen in Vancouver
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"Saxony's long and very successful tradition in winter sports calls for an adequate representation at the Winter Olympics. I fondly remember the friendly atmosphere at the Saxony House in Turin. Canadians are just as enthusiastic about winter sports and are very open-minded about Europeans. This is why the Winter Games in Vancouver provide the perfect setting to effectively represent each of Saxony's facets. Get excited by the warm-hearted, innovative and athletic spirit which the region is famous for and pass it on to fans and athletes from all over the world."

Katarina Witt, two-time Olympic ice skating champion

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Would you like to go and see the Saxony House in Vancouver in person? During the XXI Olympic Games The Saxony House will be opened from 12pm to 2am.

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Größere Kartenansicht

Premium location

The Saxony House will be opening its gates in the Vancouver Rowing Club, the oldest one of its kind in town. Its location directly next to the entrance of Stanley Park at Coal Harbour permits you to enjoy the stunning view of the city’s skyline and Canada Plaza in the heart of Vancouver:

Saxony House in Vancouver Rowing Club
450 Stanley Park Drive
Vancouver, BC
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